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"I've been listening to Sambayabamba and I think it's great. Having lived in Brazil, I always found the thing missing from non-Brazilian percussion groups was swing. But you guys have got it, no question...."

- Gerald Seligman, General Director, WOMEX

SambaYaBamba – Glasgow’s musical melting pot 

SambaYaBamba offer a thunderous live music experience that audiences will never forget. This formidable outfit consists of a 25-piece drum Bateria, a stomping brass section, and boundless energy. Infectious Brazilian rhythms fuse with ska, hip-hop, funk and reggae to create an inimitable sound. 

SYB has been raising the roof throughout Scotland and across Europe for over 15 years now, but Glasgow is the home and heart of the band. The band’s reputation and success keep on growing.


SambaYaBamba can be booked for:


  • Community shows and parades
  • Club nights
  • Weddings and private parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity events
  • Festivals
  • Any other weird and wonderful gig you're planning....try us


 Media enquiries

Press passes can be organised for most of SambaYaBamba’s public and club events. You would enjoy an unforgettable experience, and get the chance to introduce your readers/listeners to Glasgow’s thriving world music scene.

Interested in finding out more about the band’s story?

Many of its members have been involved for ten years or more, and the band is a testament to the continuing value of community music projects.

Audiences around Scotland are uplifted by SambaYaBamba’s unique, irresistible rhythms – a simple pleasure that matters more than ever in modern times.


Don’t take our word for it

Take a listen to our MP3 tracks using the player on the right, also available on iTunes and Spotify.

To really experience SambaYaBamba, hear us live – check out the Upcoming Gigs tab at the top of the page.


I have found a new favourite in the search for a Scottish anthem. The brass section and drummers of SambaYaBamba delivered a stunning rendition of the theme tune from Scotsport”

Tom Shields, The Herald

“SambaYaBamba were the most popular act. They were just incredible. You just wanted them to go on and on. They were just phenomenal.”

Liane Horder, event organizer




Click here to hear what BBC Radio Scotland's Tom Morton had to say about SambaYaBamba.


Due to the size and nature of our band, we are highly versatile in terms of what we can offer. To discuss various options for your event, whatever that might be, you can contact our Gig Co-ordinators at We will do our best to respond to your email as quickly as possible.

The best way to experience what 25 drummers and 6 brass sound like, is of course to catch us live...until then, have a listen to a few of our mp3s, and check a few of the videos.....