Scottish Samba and Brazilian Pipes!

As you may or may not know the Scottish Link Pipe Band from São Paulo are here in Glasgow for the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green this Saturday. Predictably, SambaYaBamba have been showing them some Glasgow hospitality, mainly the inside of pubs. On Tuesday night we took them down to the painted Kelburn Castle, Largs to see the handy work of their compatriates, Os Gemeos, Nunca and Nina .... And more importantly to have a jam together. Who knew what would happen when a Brazilian Pipe band crossed paths with a Scottish Samba Band! The results were not too disappointing... especially the last quarter where Scotland the Brave takes on a new lease of life over an Olodum samba reggae groove. Here's an mp3 to give you a taster. mp3/youtube 

Norrie, Scottish Link Pipe Band of São Paulo

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