Into 2009

2008 was a great year for the band with fantastic shows from Departure Lounge in Edinburgh to Knockengorroch in the deep south and HydroConnect on the west coast to Perth and Aberdeen in the north. Not forgetting of course the amazing West End Festival and Stereo gigs right here in Glasgow. The Euro-Odyssey was a flying success with Glasgow's bateria playing in excess of 12 gigs in 12 days across France Italy and Germany. 

We've played host to Verde Vai from London, Houba Samba from Montauban and both Barulho and Carnival Collective from Brighton. We've been lucky enough have expert tuition in samba-jungle from Pat Power and in Afro-Samba from mestre Marivaldo of the world famous afro bloco - Ilê Aiyê. 

9 members of SYB have had the opportunity to practice and play with the German based pan-european bateria, 'Bloco X' making Scotland one of the most strongly represented nations. Roddy, (our musical director) is just back from Rio and playing with the Samba School, Academicos da Rocinha and Monobloco for a less traditional take on Rio samba. 

This year looks just as promising with Brighton confirmed for April and an array of very tempting offers from Europe.

SambaYaBamba, Coburg, Germany 2008

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I know this was an old post but the for clarification, what pplpagus was using before archlinux were optware packages by the nslu2-linux (slug) members. As mentioned by pplpagus on their repository it was just a direct copy of one of the optware repositories compatible with the ARM platform of the pogo/dockstar/sheeva So in essence, nobody is high and dry with even the old version of Plugapps (Openpogo 1.0 Optware). You just point to the original repository and you are back in business if you wanted to stick with the original busybox 1.7. The game changer was as you know, Jeff Doozan\'s uboot which now gives multiple linux alternatives/flavors so we all have a choice of archlinux/busybox/debian/opnwrt etc., each platform with its own advantages/disadvantages, depending on the application. It\'s good to have choices. With the price drop currently, I\'m trying all of them.
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XlViZm , [url=]vphleahbdjuk[/url], [link=]sehzojbjeahv[/link],
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