Coburg 2009 Report

This July SambaYaBamba represented Glasgow and Scotland for the 5th time in the biggest Samba event outside Brazil, Coburg International Samba Festival in darkest Germany.

After being tormented and not-so-politely robbed by Satan's very own Ryanair we'd got somewhere in Germany, 6 hours away from our destfination in fact. However as always the Autobhan pagode session and the random hollering of 'Phoenix City' made it seem like fünf minuten. We arrived in the early hours and received a glorious welcome at the Hungry Highlander pub - our second home for the weekend.

The Friday weather was changable. The traditional meet and greet pagode at the Turnerschaft then we opened the main stage in the Marktplatz in light rain to a sea of umbrellas. Everyone went to see Houba-Samba's opening gig on Albertzplatz which for me remained the gig of the festival, then the french feast continued with Muleketu on Marktplatz and the official evening ended with Aquarela on Schlossplatz. Needless to say the party went on a little longer at the highlander with Walter from Bloco X leading a roasting hot bateria in the street. When the Police could tolorate no more, Houba continued indoors till god knows when.

Saturday we had 3 gigs on 3 different stages punctuated by big sausages in wee rolls and frothing tankards of beer. The punters certainly took our kilts in their stride, not quite so the french ladies, or so i'm told. By this point the meaningless phrase 'Phoneix Ciiity' had really taken hold and the band took great delight in convincing the compare to announce us as such. It was a pretty gruelling schedule playing not only our own gigs but joining both Muleketu and Bloco X/Suco Legal bods whenever possible and trying to squeeze in gigs from LSS, A Bunda and Swiss maniacs - Quastenflosser dressed as along the lines of robocop. One of the highlights of Saturday was Tarragona's Samba da Praca on the Marktplatz with their wonderful singing and generally brilliant show. Saturday night SYB rocked the back court of the Highlander with what felt like every ritmista in Europe in attendance. Aquarela and LSS led a mammoth and amazing pagode session in to the early morning.

Sunday, SYB were excused from the parade to play on the Albertsplatz stage. Samba City Coburg congested to a halt as the throngs strained to see the parade of 100+ bands and dancers. You would swear it was carnaval in Bahia if it wasn't for the occasional Bavarian remindeg glimpse of big tashes and belted gents shorts. After the parade, Highlander John made us one of his famous curry pots and half of Coburg settled into the usual caiperinha party with the wee band blasting the brazilian equivalent of my old man's a dustman and donald where's yer troosers till the cachaça ran out. Meanwhile the german efficiency made short work of dismantling the 9 or so stages and attachments that had covered the city for the last 3 days, ready for the next festival.

Coburg has one of the finest swimming pools in the world. If Carlsberg made swimming pools... it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as this one! It's outdoor, sunny (always), with grass, loungers, spashy bits, volleyball nets, flumes, diving boards and ice cold german bier! Monday was spent firmly dug in there. Yet another successful festival, no wonder it's the highlight of the samba year!


Natasha & Jane Coburg 2009Martin - Coburg 2009
SYB at Schlossplatz - Coburg 2009SYB at Schlossplatz - Coburg 2009
Martin & Tam - Coburg 2009Mairi - Coburg 2009
NLaura & Kirsten - Coburg 2009Suzy with Muleketu - Coburg 2009
SYB with Muleketu - Coburg 2009Muleketu & SYB - Coburg 2009
SYB gig at Hungry Highlander - Coburg 2009Shona & Scott - Coburg 2009
Kim & Cara - Coburg 2009Suzy - Coburg 2009
Doug - Coburg 2009Eilidh & Suzy - Coburg 2009




click here for more videos of SYB at Coburg


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