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SYB CD, Mad Bongos 'n' That, is OUT NOW!  £9.99 inc p+p

  1. We Love Tonic
  2. Shatner's Bassoon
  3. Samba Marchinhas Medley
  4. Afoxé Esporta Escôcia
  5. Gie's Yer Jaiket
  6. Mary Dhol
  7. YingTong
  8. YingTong (slapdash remix)
"the most innovative and striking World album of the week- and no doubt, for many, many weeks to come.” 
- CD Baby

To get yourself a copy of this Brazwegian masterpiece in it's sumptuous packaging click the secure paypal link below and deposit some moolah in our paypal account then simply pull up a stool by your letterbox and wait till it appears. (also available on download from itunes, amazon and many more...)

The CD was recorded in Glasgow's famous Barrowlands around 30 drummers were recorded close miked over a period of 3 long days with the intention of achieving a very high quality recording. The album includes most of the original sambayabamba material that has rocked our audiences over the last 2 to 3 years as well as a couple of traditional numbers with the horn section. Genius rapping provided by Tam and Lenny and Martido Alto's famous anthem, Yingtong (Lyrical subtitles for the non-Glasgow speakers are here!) Parental Advisory. Available on CD and download. The title is Mad Bongos 'n' That as suggested by so many of our adoring local fanbase :)