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New Session starts Tue 11th September 2018 - email to register. 

Sep - Dec block 2018 will focus on Brazilian samba and other styles and will run for 14 weeks every Tuesday from 11th Sep- 11th Dec


Your chance to learn how to play and learn about the amazing sound of Brazilian street music and rhythms from around the world in a large group. This is suitable for beginners (on certain instruments) and musicians of other instruments alike - as well as sambistas looking for experience on other instruments. Instrumentation will be made up of surdo , caixa, repique, tamborim, timba, agogo bell and ganza (shaker). We will learn how to put the rhythms together, the learn some breaks. At the end there will be a gig where we can wow the audience with our new skills. 

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Public Workshops 

Beginners class: 7.15pm - 9.30 every Tuesday £7

Venue: SYB Rehearsal Space, Kilbirnie St, Tradeston, G5 8JD (opposite the Velvet Lounge)

Access: Easy Parking. Nearest Subway Bridge Street or West Street. Buses Pollokshaws Road/M74 |Eglinton Toll  View Map  

Come and learn how to play the rhythms of the Brazilian carnival in a samba bateria. Multi-instrument tuition is intended to start you off learning how to play authentic samba in a large group, exactly how it is played in the famous samba schools of Rio de Janeiro. A rewarding and powerful experience.

Get the skills to play and find out how the parts of the rhythm lock together to create the most infectious dance groove in the world. You'll probably even pick up some Portuguese words and phrases and you will certainly get to know a great bunch of people. Tutors are director Roddy Dickson and Doug Summers who both have a wealth of experience in samba bands and have both played in the Rio carnaval.


Beginners class is for absolutely anyone who fancies it and you are not tied in to anything. If you have musical experience we can push you if you don't that's fine you can learn at your own pace. Instruments are provided. You are welcome to bring a friend but rest assured new people come along all the time and it's absolutely fine to come by yourself. 


There is usually a gig at the end of the block so you can unleish your new skills on the public! 

Places are limited to 40 - Pleeeease email roddydickson1 at gmail dot com to let us know you are planning to come along (and ask any questions)

Financial assistance can be accessed through SambaYaBamba's scholarship fund on a case by case basis. Please email or ask.

Bespoke Workshops

Samba workshops are a great way to illustrate the benefit of working as a team. In a session of an hour or two the group will be able to create beautiful music together! As long as they manage to listen to each other, fulfill the different roles and work together for the good of the rhythm. 

If you would like to arrange a samba workshop for your organisation or group please contact Roddy Dickson at